27th Jun 2014

Listen to the fifth issue of Syk2nes!

12th Jun 2014

Syk2ne mix for the second issue of Natrion’s Horror Show hosted by Hardsoundradio.net

01. Syk2ne - Premortal Expectation
02. The Outside Agency - Hell’s Basement
03. End.user - Fear (Syk2ne remix)
04. Ophidian & Tapage - The Mine
05. Syk2ne - No Cure
06. E-Noid - My Dreams, My Nightmares
07. Necrarch - The Strangers
08. Syk2ne - Suicide
09. Nanaka - The Medication
10. Chaosbringer - End of Days
11. Syk2ne - Epidemic
12. Oyaarss - Ibumetins Sagurusai Dveselei (Dead Rows remix)
13. Syk2ne - Infected Minds
14. Struchni - At The Brink Of Death
15. Broken Note - Stitch
16. Syk2ne - Death Rate
17. Hyena - Machine State Oppression
18. Syk2ne - The New Disease

14th May 2014

Death By Natural Cause

This is the lighting strike from a clear sky!
Syk2ne and RXSTNZ present to you a brand new release called “Death By Natural Cause”. It contains two tracks by Syk2ne, which are mangled by RXSTNZ artists A034 and Hyena. This release is also free/name your price so grab your copy now!


01. Death Is All Over
02. Natural Serial Killer
03. Death Is All Over (A034 remix)
04. Natural Serial Killer (Hyena remix)

Released 14 May 2014 by ReXiSTeNZ
Tracks 1 & 2 written,mixed and mastered by Michal Krivanek 
Track 3 original written by Michal Krivanek , remixed by Stefano Pulici 
Track 4 original written by Michal Krivanek , remixed by Giona Vinti 
Tracks 3 and 4 mastered by Giona Vinti

Available here:

15th Apr 2014

The New Disease

If you thought that you can’t get more sick, you we’re wrong. On this day Syk2ne and Battle Audio Records brings you “The New Disease” to deal with!


01. The New Disease
02. Premortal Expectation

Released 15 April 2014 by Battle Audio Records
All tracks written, mixed and mastered by Michal Křivánek
Cover design by Battle Audio Records

Available here:

27th Mar 2014

The fourth issue of the podcast called Syk2nes is available now.

25th Mar 2014

The New Disease teaser

1st Feb 2014

Syk2ne - Timelapse

I would like to present to you the Syk2ne timelapse motion picture made by Lilit Abgaryan. It was captured in the end of the last year in my hometown and it was very interesting experience for me. Check it!

28th Dec 2013

The third issue of the podcast called Syk2nes is out now! Enjoy the sickness!

30th Oct 2013

Abnormal Behaviour EP

If have feelings that something is recently wrong with you, your behaviour shows signs of abnormality and you are having dark thoughts, then you are on the same track as Syk2ne.
The chance of getting cured is minimal.

Syk2ne - Abnormal Behaviour EP



01. Sick Fuck
02. Capacity 2 Kill

selfreleased 30 October 2013
All tracks written, mixed and mastered by Michal Křivánek
Cover design by Michal Křivánek

Available here:

29th Oct 2013

Beyond by Syk2ne

Syk2ne was seen, heard and captured last saturday at event called Beyond by Mochva. This videocast isn’t just revealing Syk2ne identity but also some upcoming tracks. Watch it!